Who Says Divorce Means Failure?

I am divorced but my marriage did not fail.  I did not fail.  My marriage merely ended.  Why is this phrase so common in our society?  Why don’t we question statements that heap guilt on us?   Women have enough guilt to deal with.  Life is a never ending process of beginnings and endings. Endings are opportunities.  As a therapist, I realize that marriages and relationships end for many different reasons and it’s not for us to place judgment on others or to have others place judgment on us.  It is our responsibility to understand our relationships—especially why they end.  It is possible to do this without placing blame on someone but rather seeking understanding.  I am not saying that we should take marriage lightly.  It is a serious commitment but we should not feel chained to it or to another person.

I’ll admit that it was difficult for me to get divorced.  I struggled with issues around responsibility for keeping my family together, guilt and failure.  As a culture we tend to get caught up in the idea of failure versus success.  We buy into the idea that you are one or the other—black or while.  Where is the gray?  We need to look for the gray in life.  It does exist.

Eventually I came to the realization that marriages only fail if you failed to learn from the experience.  For many women it is extremely difficult to end any relationship much less a marriage.  The reality is things happen, people change, circumstances change and relationships either bend or break. This may or may not result in an ending or a divorce.  I have spent years processing and using what I learned throughout my marriage and subsequent divorce.  I could never see that as a failure.  You don’t need to see it as a failure either.

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I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I left your office so inspired today.
To say Michelle changed our lives would not be an exaggeration. She was very empathetic and non-judgmental... She didn't make our daughter feel badly... She didn't make my husband and myself feel like incompetent parents.
I definitely owe my newfound confidence to Michelle. Without her, I don’t know how I would’ve been able to come out of my horrible situation as such a better version of myself.
People don't understand Michelle doesn’t just offer advice… which they seem to be afraid of hearing. I convey the message that the decisions you make are ultimately your own but Michelle will help you find clarity and sort through emotions.
We felt comfortable knowing that Michelle would be the kind of counselor that would help our daughter see the good in herself, but also question some of her choices and actions.
You have brought back the communication ability that I thought that I lost. You helped her understand what we were feeling and she is such a better person for seeing you.
Michelle, you are so right about [my daughter] and how she thrives off of feelings of accomplishment. All seems to be good now. She amazes me every day with the way she is learning to handle tough situations.
With Michelle’s guidance, I was able to accomplish in approximately 8 months what I hadn’t been able to over the past 15 years.
I am forever grateful for Michelle's help.
Thank you, Michelle, for giving me my voice and a new lease on life.
Retired Arlington County Teacher
She helped me focus my attention toward problem-solving issues.
Laura Clancy, Owner
MuffinToppled® Fitness Coaching
Michelle is the best life coach I ever had.
Michelle is an excellent listener and her insights and advice were always right on target.
(mother of a teen girl)
She helped me in so many ways!
Michelle Kelly saved my life. What more can I say?
Stephanie W.

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